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The Schooling Field

The schooling field is close to the farm and comprises two acres of permanent grass. It has been used for teaching horses to jump since 1980 and has proved invaluable. The ground is greensand based and the surface is well maintained. There are six birch fences built by Willis Bros of Malmesbury and eight hurdles, which include regulation hurdles and plastic Easyfix hurdles. There is also a line of small XC style obstacles comprising poles, logs and motor tyres, which help to start the horses jumping with confidence.

The field is well forced with post and rails. If a horse gets loose it can easily be re-caught!

The schooling ground is mostly used for horses stabled at West Lockinge Farm but it has proved popular with outsiders too, and can be hired out.


The Outdoor School

Adjacent to the main yard at West Lockinge Farm there is a small enclosed outdoor school on a Martin Collins surface. It was originally constructed 30 years ago and with its high boarded sides has proved invaluable for lunging, long reining and basic flat work. It is an excellent facility for re-starting horses after box rest. It is well drained and can be used throughout the year.


The Loose School

The loose school was built in the 1950s and was the brainchild of Reg Hobbs, who famously trained Battleship to win the Grand National in 1938. Reg spent considerable time in the US before he trained from Lambourn and he was impressed by the loose jumping facilities in America.

Although originally surfaced in ash from the local power station, the loose school today is on a Martin Collins Ecotrack surface.

It is a superb facility. Built in the shape of an oval with high wooden panelled sides and an inside railed fence line, many horses have learnt to jump in the West Lockinge Loose School.

The poles are solid but not fixed and hurdles are also incorporated, if required.

It is mostly used for horses stabled at West Lockinge but can be hired out occasionally provided that a member of staff from the farm is also in attendance.


Turn out Paddocks

There are a number of daily turn out paddocks which are constructed with post and rail fencing. They are well maintained and close to the yard. In the summer months horses are taken in for grazing but in different fields on the farm. The Summer fields are only used for four months of the year and are tidied up by sheep in the autumn and winter months.



Horses taken at livery are kept in roomy, well-ventilated stables. They are are all rubber floors and have good lookouts.



There are two gallops at West Lockinge Farm comprising a mile long Martin Collins Ecotrack gallop with a steady uphill pull which is enclosed on either side by green plastic railings and a three furlong uphill canter on Eurotrack, which may well be replaced with a carpet surface in the future.

The gallops are close to the stables and are built around the edges of the farm fields. They are well away from any busy main roads.

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